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Daina Benson

Hi, I’m Daina

As a wife and a mom of three sons, with pets and stuff and all the craziness that comes with parenting, I had to learn how to simplify the systems in our lives so that we could manage our busy household. I wasn’t always ‘neat’. I was frazzled, over worked and really lacked the skills or imagination to get a firm grip on my household and my time.

I have learned to simplify my life.

I have developed systems that are both practical and easy to maintain. I love nothing more than to share this knowledge so that you can enjoy your space and have more time for the people and things you love.

Our Services


Keep It Neat specializes in residential organizing to provide services in anything from closets and pantries to basements and garages.


Keep It Neat works to ease the stress of each client and their families, of choosing which items will follow you into your new right-sized space.


Take the stress away from your next move! Our team is there to assist you with move prep, on move day, and with unpacking and organizing.

Virtual Organizing

Offers flexibility with schedules, budget constraints, and location, while still offering support and expertise to resolve your organizing challenges.

Estate Clear-Out

Dealing with estates can be stressful. We can assist with sorting and clearing an estate, donation pick-ups, junk removal, and provide estate sales contacts.

Public Speaking

Whether speaking for large events like conferences, or for small groups, workshops, and webinars, getting organized is always an engaging topic.

Creating spaces that bring you JOY.

Keep it NEAT can help you simplify your home or office, and get you back to living in a space that you LOVE.

Making your MOVE less stressful.

Moving is stressful! We can help ease your load during ANY of these three main stages of a move:

Move Prep

We help you sort and organize your items before you pack.

Move Day

We supervise the movers and ensure your items are placed in the right areas of your new home.

Unpacking & Organizing

We assist you with unpacking and organizing your new space.

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